How to get rid of dandruff in 3 easy ways?

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The dandruff is a common problem for all the people, who have dry skin on their scalp or are exposed to a lot of stress. Furthermore, to get rid of the dandruff is one of the hardest things ever, because most of the things that are suitable for curing that problem do not work properly. Therefore, in that article I will show the 3 main ways to get rid of dandruff and I recommend you to try all of them, because they work.

  1. First try some of the dandruff shampoos available in the stores located near you. However, when choosing what shampoo to buy, make sure that you will check the ingredients, because the good anti-dandruff shampoo must contain salicylic acid, selenium sulfide, ketoconazole and zinc. Furthermore, if you are not sure, which is the most suitable product for you, make sure that you will ask a professional such as your hair stylist or dermatologist. If you manage to get rid of the dandruff using that shampoo, you should use your regular shampoo and small amounts of the anti-dandruff shampoo a 1-2 times per week, because that way you will prevent the dandruff from appearing again.
  2. The cause of each one of the skin problems can be found in the way that you eat. Remember that if you keep your body healthy, you will not suffer from any health problems at all. Therefore, sometimes you can get rid of the dandruff from using a diet. Make sure that you will find a proper diet, which will exclude eating fats, oils and sugars, because sometimes they are a common cause for the dandruff to appear on the first place. Make sure that you will include foods containing B vitamins (mainly B6), vitamin A, healthy fats (which are found in nuts and flax), garlic and oregano oil. Most of the dermatologist say that sometimes the cause for the dandruff to appear is food allergy, so you should pay a visit to your personal physician to see whether you have that health problem or not.
  3. Finally, other causes for the dandruff are the stress and anxiety. Therefore, once you manage to deal with them, you will get rid of the dandruff. Remember that emotional, mental and physical stress play major role in forming many of the health problems that you might have. Furthermore, if you do not sleep properly or you worry about your work and life too much, can also cause dandruff. Many people think that those problems are not related to a skin problem on the scalp, but they are wrong, because anxiety and stress are common causes for many health problems to appear and some of them might even be lethal if not treated on time. Therefore, to deal with the dandruff, you should learn how to manage your stress. It is a good idea to consult with your personal healthcare provider, because he will recommend you where to find the best therapist for you.

Summary: The Dandruff is one of the most common skin problems today, but there are a lot of ways to cure it. If you have that problem, but do not know how to deal with it, that article is the place where you will find that information.

Dandruff Coming Back To Drive You Mad Yet Again?

January 26, 2010 by admin  
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Have you ever wanted a home dandruff remedy that doesn’t leave your head smelling like a vinegar factory and actually does what it’s supposed to? One that actually gives you relief as well as heals and re-balances itchy dandruff riddled scalp?

Read on for a potent remedy to STOP dandruff in it’s tracks.

Super Powerful Dandruff Remedy:

Essential oils contain anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. They can also soothe, balance and heal infections, sores and inflammations as well as imbalances resulting in dandruff.

Here is a fantastic dandruff remedy I recommend that works to eliminate bacteria that cause dandruff & rebalances your scalp:

Mix together the following essential oils.

One teaspoon of Neem oil

5 drops tea tree oil

5 drops lavender oil

5 drops rosemary oil

Mix oils together and apply by either: Rubbing or massaging directly on to your scalp around hair follicles with fingertips. Adding the oils to half a cup of purified water in a spray bottle. Shake and spray on to your scalp at the base of your hair follicles, massage in if desired. Leave remedy on scalp for a minimum of 10 minutes and either wash out immediately or leave in until your next wash (shampoo & condition as normal). You can store the spray bottle in the refrigerator for extra soothing relief for a burning or itchy scalp.

Apply two to six times a week for relief and healing. You can decrease frequency of use over several weeks until the desired result is reached. As with all oils please patch test first. The creator of this remedy assumes no liability or responsibility for any accident or injury for using remedies suggested here.

Included here is an extensive list of remedies and causes of scalp conditions containing these and more oils & other ingredients (many from your kitchen and garden) in this ebook:
“Beautiful Hair & Healthy Scalp Secrets & Remedies